What is your minimum run size? We don't have one - we are more than happy to do orders of any size, even one-offs. Screen printing machines take time to set up and clean down between each run, so the smaller the order the more it will cost due to this machine setup time. Embroidery machines also require similar setup times, so we have a similar tiered pricing system based on how many logos you require each order.

How long will it take? Most jobs take a week or two, depending on complexity and size but we can often turn jobs around quite quickly if required. If you have an event that you need your garments for, just let us know and we will work to that deadline.   

How should I provide my artwork? Ideal file types are vector .pdf, .eps, .ai, .cdr with all text (fonts) converted to paths. We can also work with layered Photoshop .psd files with text (fonts) rasterized. Or flattened .psd, .tiff, .jpg files as long as the resolution (file size) is big enough. If you're unsure, feel free to email or call and speak to a designer for help.

If I don't have good finished artwork can you help? Absolutely! We have five Designers on staff, who can tidy up pixelated images or turn your ideas into reality. 

Can I see a proof before you do the printing? We email a visual mockup in pdf format for every job, which needs to be approved before we begin printing. These mockups are permanently stored, so that future reruns turn out just like the first batch. Please make sure and check the image size, colours and placement details to make sure they are correct before giving us approval.

Do I have to come and place my order in person? No, we have customers all over NZ and in most cases your order can be arranged entirely by email and phone.

How does your print & embroidery pricing work? The first cost involved is an initial setup cost. This covers the creation of the screens that we use to print with or digitizing your logo into stitches for embroidery. Once you have paid these setup costs, those images are permanently set up with us for future use. Then you simply pay for the garments and a per print or embroidery cost based on the size of that particular order. We have price breaks at 10 units, 20, 30 & 100, so where possible its best to try and reach those numbers to get the best rate. 

Can I change the colour of the print on some t-shirts? Yes we can clean the ink out of the screen mid run and replace it with a different colour and keep printing. We charge an additional $15.00 + GST for each colour change but the actual print price is not affected. So if you are doing 15 white tees and 15 black tees we can print white ink on the black tees and black ink on the white tees and you'll still get them at the 30 unit price break.

Can you match to Pantone colours? Pantone is a standardized colour reproduction system, used worldwide by designers to select colours for printing. We use a Pantone reference number for all of the colours that we screen print. That said our inks are very different in composition to paper printing inks, which Pantone is designed for. This means that some colours can be hard to match perfectly.

Is it possible to have a printed sample before you print the main run? This is possible but it can get expensive, since setting up a machine and cleaning it all down after a one off print takes a long time. A better way to do it is to ask us to call you when we're about to set up your job and you can pop in and approve the first print. That way we can continue on with the run, rather than setting it all up twice.

How many colours can you print? Our largest machines are 10 colour machines, which are usually ample to achieve most designs. That said, with a few tricks we have been known to print up to 14 colours, when the design is suitable. 

How big can you print? We have numerous machines, suited to different tasks. Our standard machines can print images up to A3 in size and up to 10 colours. We then have over sized machines, which can print images up to 400mm x 580mm and up to 6 colours. We can also print larger images at around 490mm x 730mm in one colour only.

Do you need to print a white base under colours on dark fabrics? In most cases we do not require a white under base, although we do require a white base under most 100% polyester garments. 

Can I use a front left chest position logo on a sleeve as well? We can do this but we will have to make 2 separate screens and each job gets set up differently on the machine. So if you have 15 tees with the same image on the front left chest and on one sleeve, you'll be charged the 15 unit rate for each design plus 2 initial setup charges.

Will my print work on this fabric? If you have something a little different you want to print on, bring it in and we can usually judge whether our inks will adhere to it. If you have off cuts or fabric swatches, we are happy to to test print some ink onto it free of charge for you to wash test.

What is the smallest sized lettering that you can embroider? The industry standard smallest is 5mm high upper case text and slightly larger for upper/lower case. We have been known to sew smaller than this with reasonable results but basically the larger the text can be, the more legible and tidy it will be. We can Screen Print extremely small text, so this could be an option instead.

Can I change the colour of the embroidery thread on different coloured garments? Yes you can and at no extra cost.

Can I supply my own garments to print on? Yes you can but we can usually supply a much better quality of garment for a better price than purchasing from retail stores. If you've found a cheap deal somewhere its always worth running it past us, in case we can match or better it. 

Do you offer bagging, swing tagging? We try not to individually bag garments anymore, as the plastic weighed heavily on our beliefs. We do understand that some customers really need their garments bagged and we're happy to do this free of charge if the garments are purchased from us. We can also swing tag your garments for a small charge. 

Can we have our own woven neck tags or pip tags? Yes we can supply woven tags and sew them into garments which we supply. The initial manufacture of woven labels can take 2 - 3 weeks. Sewing the labels in can also add 1 - 2 weeks each time you order, so some planning is required. 

Can my job be delivered to me? We're happy to courier your job out but payment for the job needs to have shown in our account by the day of dispatch. We use Courier Post for around Wellington and also for small courier bags nationwide, this is an overnight service. We use Sub 60 for same day local rush orders. We use Castle Parcels for other North Island destinations which is an overnight service. We also us Castle for South Island destinations but this is a 2 day service and if you are a rural address delivery can often take even longer, so please keep this in mind.

How do I pay? We accept eftpos, cash or company cheque on pickup. If you would like to pay by direct debit, please do so the day before collecting, so that the funds have shown in our account. Sorry but we do not accept credit cards.